About Us

Rx 3D Optics - A Division of Dark Water Optics

We are a company located in British Columbia, Canada that aims to make prescription entertainment eyewear available to everyone.

Through personal experience we learned that prescription entertainment eyewear was very difficult (read “often impossible!”) to find at most retail optical stores. So we set out to establish a store that could help people find the unique eyewear that they needed or wanted. We quickly realized that one retail store was just not going to offer enough people in British Columbia access to our products. So after many days of hard work on the part of dedicated staff our website became a reality.

We take pride in being able to find and source or even design and develop prescription entertainment eyewear that does what you want it to do! So if you don’t see it on our website send us an e-mail and ask us about it. We’ll do our best to find it or make it.